Where do I plug the Powertrack system into?

You’ll need a step-down transformer – any size from big 10kva to small 3kva, and you’ll need 2 spare 16amp female outlets for Powertrack to connect onto.

Who installs Powertrack?

Any competent person can install Powetrack. Ensure the person installing, modifying or removing Powertrack has fully read and understood our User and Safety Guidance information. We would advise a specific risk assessment is undertaken to identify and mitigate any safety risks.

How fast is the installation of Powertrack?

Very fast, our data tells us Powertrack is between 50-100 times faster to install than conventional systems. It equates to a 50,000sf project in a day, or 100 linear metres of track in 2 hours.

Should I fix Powertrack down?

Yes. There are fixing points at either end of all modules. Fixing the modules down will ensure they don’t move around and damage the connectors.


Where should I run the Powertrack modules?

It depends on the size and layout of your site. We can assist you by providing a free design service advising optimum layout and modules.

How many lights and power outlets do I need?

We advise a minimum of 1 light module approx. every 5 metres and 1 power outlet module every 10 metres.

How long can a single Powertrack run be?

100 metres.

How do I take Powertrack in different directions?

Our 4-way module can be used for all 90 degree turns in 4 directions. Our Slinky module allows you to take Powertrack on any angle or direction.

How are the modules connected to each other, do I need tools?

A very simple push in connector, no tools are required.


Can I plug my tools into Powertrack?

Yes – our Power Module provides a 16amp power outlet for your tools. We recommend placing a Power Module for every 10 metres of track.

What about emergency lighting?

Powertrack lighting modules come in 2 types: standard and emergency. The emergency lighting has 1 hour of battery back up (3 hour option available) in the event of a power failure. Emergency lights can be identified by a green neon indicator switch.

Are the modules tough enough for site?

Extremely! Powertrack modules are rated IP65 so they are highly resistant to dust and low water pressure. They can also take heavy loads (site traffic) and we advise up to 500kg point loads (excluding the lighting modules). Powertrack is made from high grade virgin polyurethane, developed and field proven in manufacture of cable protectors for major events for over a decade.

Being floor run, how will I access underfloor services?

It’s important you consider underfloor access when setting your Powertrack modules. Whilst there will be times that Powertrack will have to be relocated, a 20-30metre run can take less than 5 minutes to modify.

Can I turn off Powertrack at the end of the day?

Our Starter modules come with an On/Off switch that turns off all standard lighting whist keeping the emergency lights on whilst still receiving charge. If mains power that feeds Powertrack is turned off, the emergency lights will be triggered and battery will drain.

Is Powertrack reusable?

100%! Every part of Powertrack is designed to be packed away at the end of your project and used again and again!